“Witch Hunting”
Abstract: In 1692, a witch hunt began as a result of many young women accusing others of witchcraft. There was no real evidence; there was only people accusing one another. All in all, 13 women and 6 men were executed. Similar situations of persecution have occurred throughout history. One of the more recent examples was that of Senator McCarthy accusing government employees of being Communists during the Cold War. He had no real evidence, but because of his powerful position people believed him. He ruined many people’s careers, and eventually he was condemned for his conduct.
Contextual Connection: This article reminded me of The Crucible. I remember watching that movie and really hating the young girls who started it all. People were getting executed because of their ridiculous accusations, but they never felt guilty or stopped. If you’re going to accuse someone of being a witch or a Communist, you need some hard evidence. It’s crazy that so much of the public allowed others to be accused of Communist activities based on the accusations of one man.