A Night to Remember

Linoleum floors with skid marks, drab walls with nothing on them, classroom after classroom, and desks with the markings and drawings of countless bored students; schools are not the most attractive places in the world. I would never picture a school of any kind to hold any special event, except maybe parent teacher conferences. That is, until my cousin Erin decided to have her wedding reception in a middle school.
Erin is the kind of person you would describe as “quirky” or “eccentric” and that’s putting it lightly. I guess none of our family should’ve been surprised when she said she was going to have her reception at a middle school. This event took place in the front hall of the school. The walls were decorated with school posters of all kinds, science posters talking about DNA and English posters listing different action verbs. The walls were also adorned with drawings my cousin had made as a student. Why oh why were these posters left up during the reception? Well, according to the betrothed couple, it’s because they are “intellectuals”.
The cake was topped with a cute little married couple, only they were skeletons. This was to celebrate Dia De Los Muertos, even though Erin is only half Hispanic and it was August! My poor cousin Andrew sat at a sad little table in the back with all the sound equipment on it. He was supposed to be handling the music, but every time he turned it loud enough for anyone to actually hear, my cousin would violently wave her arms demanding he turn it down.
The most spectacular element to this wedding was a little item called the ‘Wall of Hope’. This was clearly the focal point of the room. It was a wall with the painted faces of great people throughout history. Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, And Gandhi were some of the people who were lucky enough to make it onto the wall. The background was an array of every color in the rainbow. What makes this wall so great is the fact that the father of the bride said that this wall is really a reflection on the newlywed couple. Apparently being smart to the point that it gets annoying makes them worthy of being mentioned in the same sentence as Abraham Lincoln who ended slavery. All I can say is I will never forget that night.
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